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3 Parenting Classes in CT Empowering Parents for Success

Parenting isn’t easy, and attending classes and support groups can help parents gain the confidence and skills they need to be successful parents. From pregnancy and beyond, parents can take classes that help prepare them for what’s ahead. These parenting classes in CT provide parents with high-quality, highly effective information and strategies to help them raise happy, healthy children in the modern world. 

Step Into Parenthood With Confidence Thanks To These Parenting Classes In CT

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Help For Kids CT

141 Franklin Street, Stamford, CT 06901

Help For Kids CT offers general parenting classes and support groups in collaboration with other Stamford community organizations. These groups are very helpful as they provide various tools to help parents and children increase feelings of empathy, build family morals and values, and praise desirable behavior in children. Parents can learn alternative methods of discipline that don’t include violence. They can help their kids learn the relationship between choices and consequences and learn how to encourage positive family relationships.

There is a curriculum for parents of strong-willed teenagers that teaches concrete identification, prevention, and intervention strategies for destructive behaviors. It is designed to help equip parents to help their kids navigate things like poor school attendance, alcohol or drug use, and gangs and violence. Another program parents can join is designed to help them partner with schools to help their kids succeed academically. They learn how to provide a safe and supportive home environment that encourages success in school. They learn good habits such as setting morning routines, having regular bedtimes, packing backpacks the night before, keeping up with immunizations, and how to send the kids to school happy and calm. 

Happy new parents stand in a studio cradling their sleeping newborn baby in a pink swaddle after some parenting classes in ct

Stamford Health

One Hospital Plaza, Stamford, CT 06902

Stamford Health helps parents prepare for a new baby. Childbirth is unique for everyone. So Stamford Health offers many CT parenting classes and services to help answer questions during pregnancy and beyond. 

Registered nurses The Baby Basics class from the hospital’s mother/baby unit, and it answers questions about newborn care. There are demonstrations and discussions on infant feeding, bathing, dressing, soothing, sleeping, and safety. The Preparing For Childbirth class is taught by experienced labor and delivery nurses. The courses talk about labor, childbirth, relaxation techniques, breathing techniques, options for pain management, anesthesia, and what normal labor looks like. The Breastfeeding Support class is taught by board-certified lactation consultants to support and instruct new parents who want to breastfeed their infant. After delivery, moms can attend Mothers’ Group, which features informal discussions on parenting and encourages friendships with other moms. Topics include nutrition, infant growth, family adjustment, and returning to work. 

A new father in a blue shirt kisses the cheek of his newborn baby daughter in a pink swaddle after some parenting classes in ct

General Parenting Program

90 Fairfield Ave, Stamford, CT 06902

The General Parenting Program provides CT parents with a safe space to learn and share parenting knowledge and skills in group classes. Their 28 parenting topics include:

  • Healthy discipline.
  • Encouraging a child’s self-esteem.
  • Managing nutrition and household budget.

Classes are available in both English and Spanish. Topics include active parenting, communication, discipline, courage and self-esteem, redirecting misbehavior, active parenting for school success, the first five years and preventing problems, child development, the effect of media, learning disabilities, health and first aid, home and safety, nutrition and healthy living, the role of the father, budgeting, time management, mental health, anger management, communication, single parenting or co-parenting, and legal issues that might affect families. 

You Will Love The Confidence From These Great Parenting Classes In CT

These parenting classes in CT help prepare families for success when raising kids. Parenting in the modern world isn’t easy. So, these quality parenting classes can boost parents’ confidence and assurance when making wise decisions for their children. 

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