Top 4 Connecticut Maternity Stores

In this article, I would like to share top 4 Connecticut maternity stores. As a Connecticut maternity photographer, I know how important it is to ensure you feel your very best during a maternity shoot! Whether you are looking for an outfit to take photos in or just looking for the newest maternity trends, these top four Connecticut maternity stores have it all! As a mom, I know it can be challenging to find all the things you may need in just one or two stores. Luckily for you, I have done some research to make things easier! From maternity clothing to accessories, you may need during your pregnancy journey, you can’t go wrong shopping at any of these four options.

Top 4 Connecticut Maternity Stores

Clothes Mentor

We all know the status quo regarding maternity clothing – functional but not cute. Clothes Mentor does a great job at both! While you need a whole new wardrobe for the time being, it can sometimes cost a pretty penny. This store does an excellent job at not only providing adorable clothes but also offering their styles at affordable prices! Clothes Mentor sells gently used name-brand maternity clothing for up to 70% off the retail price. While these clothes have been previously worn, Clothes Mentor only sells them in excellent condition and on-trend with what is currently being sold on the market. That way, you won’t have to worry about sporting outdated looks for the duration of your pregnancy!


The Loft brand aims to change how we look at clothing for all body types. In this chapter of your life, your body will be dealing with many changes, and sometimes stepping into the right outfit for the day can make all of the difference. Loft is committed to providing all women with fashion that makes them feel confident. One of the things I love about the Loft brand is the inclusivity of its sizing. From tall to petite, extra wide to extra small, this store carries various sizes in all of their clothing so you can find your perfect fit. These outfits are extra adorable and a bit more on the higher-end range for maternity wear. But check out their sale section and keep an eye out for discounts as I have seen them happen frequently!


If you’re looking for a store strictly dedicated to maternity and pregnancy clothing, you should check out Motherhood. This store has everything you could need while you’re pregnant. Motherhood carries everything from nursing and postpartum to maternity clothing and everything you may need in your hospital bag. If price is a deciding factor when making purchases, Motherhood tends to host a lot of sales! If you can’t wait for a discount, keep an eye out for the sale section! There are always fabulous finds that are both affordable and worth the buy!

Bally Baby Band

As a graduate of exercise science and kinesiology, Carolin Christensen invented the Baby bellyband – a pregnancy support band. The Baby bellyband provides instant relief for pregnancy and postpartum discomfort. The bands are flexible and soft and offer pelvic support

for your back, belly, and pelvic floor. There are many different bands ranging from round bands around the belly to bands with shoulder straps that provide extra lift and support. Starting at around $50, you can build your band from scratch based on your body types and wants/needs.

Start by choosing your base – the band! Options include the Flip-It Reversible Band, the Sport Pregnancy and Postpartum Support Belt, and Maternity Support Belt. From here, your next step is to choose straps. Add a Groin Band for pelvic compression or a shoulder strap for extra support. Finally, the last step is to select your add-ons. Choose from organic baby balm lotion, C-Section cream, hot water bottles, and hot/cold therapy packs! If you happen to be shopping for a momma-to-be, Baby bellyband has a section dedicated to kits you can purchase for specific reasons.

Connecticut Maternity Stores

Becoming a new mom can sometimes be a daunting experience, but with the proper support, the right outfit, and the right tools, it can also be an exciting new experience! Shop one of these fantastic Connecticut maternity stores for your maternity needs!

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