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Find Comfort and Care at Birthing Centers in Stamford, CT

Welcoming a new baby into the world is a momentous occasion. The teams at these birthing centers in Stamford, CT, provide the best medical care and support to families as they go through the labor and delivery process. From 24-hour anesthesia services to skilled NICU teams to comfortable and cozy rooms for recovery and bonding, these two facilities provide the best medical care throughout the entire birthing process. 

Enjoy The Best Facilities and Teams At These Birthing Centers in Stamford, CT

A mom to be in a white maternity gown stands on a beach with her husband nuzzling her head

Stamford Health

One Hospital Plaza, Stamford, CT 06902

Labor and delivery is an exciting, amazing experience. At Stamford Hospital in Connecticut, the skilled team of labor and delivery doctors and nurses strive to provide all patients with meaningful, safe, friendly care. This team works collaboratively with patients’ labor coaches (whether it’s a partner, friend, spouse, or family member). 

This location offers 24/7 in-house monitoring by OBGYNs and pediatricians. The team includes two board-certified neonatologists who can handle even the most complex deliveries. Nurses are highly trained in all aspects of childbirth, including natural childbirth and pain management. Patients can go on tours of the unit before their stay so they know what to expect when the time comes. This birthing center features twelve spacious, well-equipped birthing rooms where patients can deliver their babies in a comfortable, decorated space that feels like home. All rooms have a large shower, bathroom, and medical equipment to make the experience as pleasant as possible. In-house anesthesiology services are available for pain management. There are also two operating rooms for c-sections, equipped for high-risk deliveries or multiple births. 

For postpartum recovery, there are 32 private rooms that are spacious and decorated in soothing tones to mimic a home-like environment. There is also a NICU with 15 beds, with advanced care available for families of newborns who need extra support. Patients get access to lactation consultants who can help them have a great start to their breastfeeding journey. Video monitoring and a nursery security system give families peace of mind when they stay at this hospital. 

Stamford Health supports vaginal deliveries, cesarean deliveries, anesthesia for c-sections, induced labor, and many forms of pain relief during labor. At this birth center, patients can get help with breathing and relaxation techniques or opt for narcotic medications or epidural anesthesia. 

A mother to be smiles down to her bump while standing on a beach at sunset in a white maternity gown after visiting a birthing center stamford ct

Greenwich Hospital

5 Perryridge Road, Greenwich, CT 06830

At Greenwich Hospital, your labor and delivery begin when your medical provider has advised you to come to the hospital. Pre-registration is available to make the check-in process easier and quicker. At the birthing center, patients can get settled in a labor and delivery room, where they are monitored by a nurse. This hospital features the latest in medical equipment and technology to ensure the safety and comfort of families and their new babies. Greenwich Hospital is staffed with a 24-hour obstetrician, a neonatologist, and an anesthesiologist who provide continuous care. 

Labor and delivery rooms are private and equipped with televisions, phones, bathrooms, and comfortable birthing beds. Women are encouraged to get up and walk around in early labor to help speed up the process. Their partner or support person is always welcome. Patients can take an online maternity tour to learn more about the birthing suites. 

After delivery, everyone remains in the same room for family bonding and breastfeeding. Mothers receive top-notch care from obstetricians and nurse practitioners to make sure they are recovering properly. Babies receive evaluations for activity, pulse, appearance, and color. Later, they are weighed and given treatment to prevent eye infections.

Anesthesia is available for women who want a medicated labor. Epidural anesthesia is available 24 hours a day, although other pain relief measures and medications are available to patients as well. They also support non-medicated births at this hospital. An OB Hospitalist is always available to provide care for patients at the birth center. They are fully responsible for their patient’s care and delivery. Above all, they provide compassionate, patient-centered care to all families during the labor and delivery process. 

I Hope You Found The Dream Birth For You With These Birthing Centers in Stamford, CT

Labor and delivery are momentous events, and these birthing centers in Stamford, CT, provide state-of-the-art care to families as they prepare to welcome a new baby into the world. From pain relief measures to skilled neonatologist specialists to private and cozy birthing suites, these facilities offer the best in medical care to families as they experience the joy of having a baby. 

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