Give Birth at Stamford Hospital for Quality Care and Support

Whether you’re planning to expand your family or are currently expecting, finding the right place for care is imperative for your exciting new adventure. Ideally, you want a safe, licensed, and qualified doctor and location for your needs while being backed by a kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable staff for optimal care. That’s precisely what you can expect when you walk through the doors of Stamford Hospital.

About the Stamford Hospital

At Stanford Health, the staff are both supportive and compassionate and strive to provide a safe and patient-centered environment. They provide comprehensive, knowledgeable, and individualized care to support your women’s healthcare needs from before conception all the way through the months following the beautiful delivery. Their OBGYNs and nurses will work with you one-on-one to develop a tailored plan that meets your needs. It will make you feel confident on your unique and empowering journey. Their facility is located at Bennett Medical Center One Hospital Plaza 9317 Stamford, CT 06904. They also welcome you to schedule a unit tour well before your stay.


  • 24/7 in-house OBGYNs and pediatric hospitalists for labor anesthesia, obstetrics, and pediatrics
  • 2 board-certified neonatologists who travel to your bedside to handle even the most complex deliveries
  • Skilled nurses trained for all aspects of birth, from natural childbirth to pain management and neonatal resuscitation
  • 12 spacious birthing rooms where you can deliver your baby in a comfortable and decorated space equipped with a large shower and bathroom along with state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology
  • A 24/7 in-house anesthesiology service to manage and relieve pain
  • 2 operating theaters are equipped for cesarean deliveries, high-risk deliveries, and multiple births
  • 32 spacious and calming private patient rooms for postpartum recovery
  • NICU, providing specialized care to newborns and their families if necessary
  • Provides comprehensive genetic counseling services as well as advanced fetal diagnostic services at a perinatology center specializing in preventing and treating pregnancy complications
  • Video monitoring and nursery security system as part of their intensive security measures


Education at Stamford Hospital

Being a multidisciplinary team at Stamford, they offer a variety of comprehensive education programs, from childbirth preparation to infant care for parents.

Prenatal & Childbirth Classes:

Learn about the process of labor and childbirth, relaxation, and breathing techniques to help you through delivery, positioning, and comfort measures. Also, learn about your options for pain medication, anesthesia, and variations of normal labor and cesarean births.

Mother/Baby Unit:

“Room-in” with your baby during your stay

Infant care:

Learn for the first time or refresh on what to expect with your newborn.

Breastfeeding Support:

From preparations to questions and concerns, they have access to lactation consultants to help you.

Stamford Hospital

Stamford Hospital understands that families thrive when you feel your best and have comprehensive care throughout your journey. You are in good and qualified hands from pregnancy,

childbirth, and those postpartum moments after.  


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